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The Round Table lads of Caterham offer to host a sports event for the Caterham Festival.

As Caterham is blessed, or cursed with many steep hills, the Waller Lane has been in the cycling world in ages gone past. The Waller Lane is suitably nick named “Waller Pain”, so the event and the website carry that name.

The reason we picked the cycle hill climb is lost in history, maybe it’s because we like to see people in pain. That seems right, so we’ll stop the research there.

Setting up

How do you run a hill climb? Well, it is easier than the Tour-de-France and takes up 1 morning. We have one or two organised individuals do all the prep, then the rest of us all turn up and take a role on the day. Be it a timekeeper, commentator, generator-kicker, brew-runner or registration desk. Most lads are not lively on a Sunday morning, so lazily task their kids with the mundane stuff and drink coffee instead. Larner’s cycles always help out with a with a toolkit and promote their July Caterham-to-Canterbury ride. The lead organiser took a liking to Larner’s demonstrator- Electric mountain bike and hammered half the remaining charge, gliding up the hill effortlessly.

Hard core competitor

So, 39 riders registered online and an extra 10 turned up on the day. So we cheered all the 49 riders each minute they ascended. Tallied the results and dished out prizes. The results are on the web page, with the course record was broken this year.

It may not be a great event to recruit any new Round Table members, but hey, we’d look no better in lycra either.

If you are a cyclist. See you in June 2018

e-Bike simplicity

[Author: Tabler Tony]

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