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BBC Radio Surrey have been doing an ‘in your town’ this month.


Visiting Caterham in their tour bus for a day, Glenn took time out form his duties at Computer Solutions and Andy Parr, the chairman of Caterham Festival did a great piece with the presenter.

Glen – plugging the Caterham Beer Festival 2017

Glen, covered how great he finds being involved with Caterham Round Table and other groups in the area.  A master stroke was that they were in the outside the Soper Hall, so managed to do a 2-minute shameless plug for the Caterham Beer festival, returning again this year on 17th and 18th November. Thanks Glen!  We will see you at the Beer Festival in November.

Andy talking about the Caterham Festival

Andy was interviewed about the Soper Hall, the Caterham Festival and its events, with a great plug for the successful ‘Waller Pain’ cycle hill climb and the Ghost Walk, that the Caterham Round Table laid on. Thanks Andy!

[Author : Tabler Tony]

Are you Interested in seeing what Round Table is all about ?

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