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About 10 times a year, we do a business meeting, meal with a speaker of random topics.

Folk think we sit in formal lounge suits but think again people!  We’re casual, with jeans and a blue rugby the typical order of dress.  One individual, we have yet to see him in anything but shorts, even on the coldest of nights.

This meet we skipped the speaker as we wanted to get the inductions done of 2 new members in order to retire to the bar for a social welcome drink.  That way, with formalities aside, we socially welcome Andy and Gareth.

Welcome Andy and Gareth – our newest members

Andy was introduced via spouses who work together who came along as an invited guest, to a members and partners night, he just kept coming and is now well into the social scene.  Welcome, Andy.

Gareth was a dormant contact on Russ’ NCT group phone list.  Years on, now that the kids a bit older he is embracing the local lad social aspect very, very well.  He’s a popular carpool member having access to  7-seater, but tonight he was a passenger – he received our welcome-quarter-yard of ale and as any Welshman, the beer disappeared in one.  Welcome, Gareth.

If you are interested in seeing what Round Table is all about for yourself.  Our doors are open.  

We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.

Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable