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OK, great news that we raised £105 from the participants of this year’s Monopoly Pub Crawl.  Every one got home intact.


The phrase of the day was ” You never ‘purchase’ a beer, you merely ‘rent’ it for a short while. “


Anyways….  21 brave souls, set out to play the Monopoly board for real, yep a drink in each pub on every street on the Monopoly board.  A 10 am start as soon as the first pub opens doors.


Those who think ‘a pint in each pub, seems simple‘ are quickly briefed by the veterans of previous years, who imparted their wisdom.  To limit yourself to half-pints in each as time is tight, choosing soft drinks in some (or most).  Also to skip the stations as you will need to make time to stop for food, travel between locations and of course, bladder stops.  Oh’… and avoid jail.


We started in Old Kent Road, then into Whitechapel, Kings Cross, Angel for a full breakfast, then more central into Pall Mall and Whitehall.  As the wisdom diminishes among the-few.  The-many, have the issued instruction booklet with a turn-by-turn set of directions.  All participants, are tagged like Paddington Bear himself, with a luggage tag with their home address and contact details – to refer to should the need arise.


So why do we do it?  Round Table is all about socialising with a purpose, whilst we see some of the sights of London.  A great example, was a Hotel that used to be a Court house, still with the holding cells as booths and the court room as a restaurant.  Awesome !


The winner of the night are the wise.  Those who know when to depart, those who can pace themselves and keep the walking pace up.  But it is not about who makes it to the end, it is all about participating and getting home safe and well.


The big beneficiaries are is the Breck Foundation who will receive the £105 donations, £5 from each participant.


The Breck Foundation is a great local charity with national ambitions and have the meaningful hashtag #PlayVirtualLiveReal.  Each February teenagers get to participate in a 24 Cycber-Silence called “Not Tech for Breck” . Where participants of all ages post go without all tech.  This can be done at anytime, during the ten day period –  ending on 17th February, the anniversary of Breck’s passing.


I think playing Monopoly Pub Crawl, we “played real” and played-safely, so we are all winners 😉

[Author : Tabler Tony]


[If you are interested in seeing what Round Table is all about, we are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest]. Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable

Want to know more about the Breck Foundation and their work – go see their website.  Maybe buy some merchandise or the DVD of the BBC Documentary.