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Our doors are open, especially on our open-night.

As part of the Caterham Festival, we open the doors of Caterham Round Table. Anyone interested in Round Table can turn up, we lay on a buffet, some entertainment and buy drinks for anyone who turns up. So, not all bad.

The 12 active members hosted the four newcomers. Plus, ten old-timers who turn up at the mere sniff of free food and drink.

The buffet was plentiful, the Coulsdon Manor Hotel bar was accommodating, and the entertainment was awesome. Andrew Kelly, the close-up magician, can put Dynamo to shame and never fails to impress and baffle the lads.

Stunned by. the unbelievable Close up magic – by Andy

So it seems that we may have a couple of new members. One guest, we were in awe of dropped in after a day shift at work, a drink with us then onto the night-feeding shift of his new-born twins. Most of the lads can relate to his painful existence and look forward to seeing him surface in about a year’s time and buy him a drink. See you then 🙂

[Author: Tabler Tony]

Interested in seeing what Round Table is all about?
We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.
Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable