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Whenever you get asked “What are you doing before work on Friday?” the eyes roll, but Tablers are a curios folk and ask “Why?”

The answer “help us put up a beer festival tent and we’ll make it worth  your while”.  3 were instantly available.

The task… One small marquee.  Childs play we say.  The 3 became just 2 with; Haydn and Rupert, on their way into their nearby office of South Anston Building & Property maintenance nailed it!

Nailed it!

Well done lads and we’ll keep the banter on WhatsApp, about the 1 drop out to ourselves.

Thanks to a little gesture, the Caterham Festival’s last night of the proms, Caterham Games, beer & prosecco festival was a success.  I’m sure Haydn and Rupert were compensated in some way.

Are you up for it ?

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We are the largest club for young men aged 18-45 in the world.  Just get in touch in our contact-Caterham-Table-page, we’ll do the rest.

Or if you live elsewhere, the RTBI website.  You really can #DoMore when you #DiscoverRoundTable